entry kala ayam berkokok..cococo~

kali ni entry sgt la subuh tahapnye..motip??tak tahu nape.

learn something today.we have to know our creator which is Allah before we do obey to.it's mean, education and knowledge is the most important thing people should have to know about Allah. DO a thing before we know the reason seem like we had been force to do that by others instead of do it with all our heart. That's why, muslims now days,know how to Solat,but they dont know how to apply the concept of Solat in their life routine. also me..not excepted

Hari ini kita belajar.Belajar..belajar...belajar..kita aplikasi..amalkan.kita berjaya.Insyallah.

p/s-saya masih cuba meningkatkan tahap penguasaan english(si penjajah)


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